Edit your data

You can edit the data in two different ways, either edit some of the attributes (change vararity etc.) or you can to large scale changes (like combine two fields).

Edit some attributes
To edit some of the attributes of the data allready stored, select the layer in "Layers", press on it to make it "blue" (1.).
Then activate the "select tool" (2.) and select some of the areas on the map (3.). You can select many areas by clicking and dragging the mouse over the area, or/and select them one by one by holding down "ctrl".
Press "Edit the attributes of current layer" (4.), select which attribute that you want to edit in the dialog popup (5.) and what you want to edit it to (6.) and press ok. EditAttributes

Large scale changes
To make changes in your datasets go "Data Management" and press "Edit dataset".

In dataset management can you change the name of a dataset by selecting a dataset in the list and press "Change dataset name" and type in the new name.

To change which parameters that is vissible and possible to run analysis on select one table and press "Edit". Now select the colums that you want to analyse and press "save". DataManagementEdit
You can combine multiple datasets into one dataset, (if you have several parts of the field split between diferent files it could be nice to combine these into one before running the analyse. To do this select the datasets that you want to combine (they need to contain the same columns), select what type of data, a new name for the dataset and press "Combine multiple datasets".
When you create a new dataset from other datasets you need to set which parameters that you would like to change.